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Here at Texas Family Kitchen we value family, that is why we have a variety of recipes and tricks for any kind of cooking you need to do for yours. We strive to bring you down home traditional Texas recipes and some not so traditional Texas vegan recipes. From Chili to Biscuits and gravy, most who try these dishes have nothing but praises. We guarantee these recipes to be a hit.

We also offer lessons in preserving foods and kitchen management. We aim to help you in all of your kitchen needs.

The mother-daughter duo, Tanya and KWay are based out of Cypress, Texas. They regularly cook for family, whether it’s holiday gatherings with 13 or more members or just dinner for two.

About Tanya

Texas born and raised with interesting past experiences in owning a steak restuarant to raising animals and vegetables on a mini ranch, Tanya has done it all.  Raising six children on a budget and trying to serve good tasting, healthy and filling meals.  The struggle is real for families every where and she strives to make it easier and to bring the family back to the table.

About KWay

KWay is the vegan recipe and tips developer, photography enthusiast behind Texas Family Kitchen and college student. She turned vegan summer 2016 and has since struggled finding an outlet to share her recipes with the world. She is fitness fanatic, an animal lover and kind of an organization freak. She also has an obsession with anything Earl Grey. Follow her on Instagram for delicious Texas Family Kitchen updates!


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