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Veggie Noodles; The tragedy for a 1st Time Veggie Noodle Dish

Veggie Noodles; The tragedy for a 1st Time Veggie Noodle Dish

The new trend or fad is replacing noodles in a dish with curly zucchini, butternut squash or sweet potatoes. For the world of low carb, Keto diets and the struggle to look good in our bikinis in a short 6 months, it is a real good idea.  Or at least I thought it was…I decided to give it a try.  I used my Kitchen Aide and the spiral attachment and made fresh zucchini zoodles.  I also bought a package of butter nut squash veggie noodles from the “Veggie Noodle Company” to add color.


I decided to make an Italian dish with Chicken, Sundried tomatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, broth, cream and Parmesan. Normally I throw the spagetti in the pan and let it cook in the broth then add cream and Parmesan at the end. What a blooming disaster it was to add the zoodles and veggie noodles.  It literally disintergrated into the broth.  A strange textured sauce with Chicken was left and I ended up cooking rice to go with the meal. So it was a tasty dinner of Rice with a Italian Squash, Sundried Tomatoe, Chicken Gravy over Rice.  My boys liked it but the texture did not appeal to my teen, who was kind but refused seconds.

Several things were involved with my kitchen disaster:

The Zucchini when spiraled has soft insides.  It leaves a core that is mushy to begin with.

Boiling the Veggie Noodles is a bad idea…so, so, so bad. I never thought about the disintegration of the veggie Noodles. I am not a novice to cooking so this should have been for seen but I wanted all the flavors to mingle and absorb into a nice dish just like the dish with the spaghetti noodles does.

What I would do next time:

Treat the Veggie Noodles as a saute.  Cook them like I would stir fry and remove the core pieces and save for a salad the next day.  Only use the outer noodles that have skin attached, maybe.

I am definitely aware that Veggie Noodles are more fragile and need to be treated as that.



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